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An European graduate student wants to take a look at some work that deathbysnusnu, blaketh, and I did last semester. How exciting. How frustrating. Software licensing is definitely best handled before incorporating source code, rather than after.

Incidentally, our project is now the number-one hit for the Google search "cmu ipc". I find it highly ironic that our page out-ranks the project itself - considering that we, ourselves, link to it!

I shall enjoy this moment of fame while it lasts.

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English paper "finished" and handed in. T minus ~ 3 days 'til grades are due. Poli-sci paper (long), poli-sci multiple regression "exercise", and three graphics labs remaining. Oh boy.

Feeling Degraded.

I have a question that is very important to me, for reasons that will likely be revealed in a subsequent post. If you have the time, I'd really appreciate a hearing your responses.

What does the story of Isaac and Abraham signify to you?
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There was much singing done tonight. Much, much, much too much singing. Before Chaverim rehearsal, I sang for hours. "Cat's in the Cradle", "Circle Game", "Hallelujah", "The Rainbow Connection", "Puff The Magic Dragon"... There was indeed much singing. I will sleep now, before racing home tomorrow afternoon.
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The Death of the Shaper - A Riddle

Once upon a time, I was but a dream buried under the weight of the mountains. I passed my days, my years, without a care in the world until He found me. He found me and He brought me back with Him to His home.

There, He began to shape me. At first, I felt the song that He made only dimly, as it could barely penetrate all the way to my flinty heart. Still though, one cannot resist the Divine One's call for long. The rhythm of His ringing blows was soon the only song I knew or cared about. Every day, its passion and violence seemed to grow stronger, until the day that it ceased. I have never heard its like since.

Oh, such betrayal was mine by His steely song. At first, I loved the feel of Him touching me, caressing me, shaping me with it. How my soul resonated, enraptured by its rhythm and power. It seemed to me to be a promise of freedom from the stony prison surrounding my heart, to give myself over to Him in this way. His song was cunning, however.

When it first ceased, my understanding failed. How could He have left me thus? Half naked, bound, anchored as I was? Worse, alone? How could He have left the song unfinished? Him, the Divine Shaper?

Since then, I have had much time to think, to ponder. Now, with my body trapped, embracing the stone that binds me, my mind wanders free in the cold, dark night. I dream of others like me, who, buried under their own mountains, are waiting for the Shaper to come and set them free. Perhaps I dream in vain for them, for perhaps the Song that shaped me was not all that it seemed. Perhaps the Song intended that I live out my life bound like this, blind, deaf, and dumb. If that is the true meaning of the Song, then I rebel. I do not consent. I will live my life until the seas are dry, until the forests are dust, and I will survive. The blood of the mountains flows in my veins. What mere Shaper can say as much? He will die like any other mortal...

Or perhaps, He is already dead. Nevertheless, the question remains:
What am I?

Poetic Feelings

Note/Warning: The following passage is intended solely to satisfy my desire to play with sound and imagery in language, and is not intended to be taken seriously for its semantic content, implied emotional state of the author, or, even, its pretensions of in/comprehensibility. It's merely that certain sounds and turns of phrase caught my fancy and I enjoy making the imagery. Any comments you have along those lines would be most appreciated. I'm also curious to see how other people respond to things like this. Finally, please note that all punctuation is intentional.

Incidentally, I also post it because I see it as a cute way of dealing with the fact that I've been too apathetic, and/or in the state of traveling without internet access, to post anything else recently.

* * *

Madness rages, unstoppable, dancing in a burning gaze. Three days. Three endless, quiet, raving days.

What is the sound of a once-but-never mind, rational, breaking...?

Is it the melodic ferrous crack of a breaking chain or the silvery discordant twang of snapping strings?

The darkling, shivery rustle of brazen wings, unfurling in the cold un/aware night?

The shrieking murmur of sleeping screams waking to the harsh sound of their hoarse, echoing, hollow voices?

"Digress, redress, regress, suppress, unless" - the whispers float into consciousness, swirling about it, steeping it in their senseless essence.

There are bugs out there somewhere!

Ok. So I'm currently writing a perl script to do TCP demultiplexing followed by HTTP session demultiplexing to recover some web pages that I recorded myself accessing from my computer. However: Each hash entry represents:
TCP Sequence Number
lengths of packet data fields.  => subhash of:
        SHA1 Digest of packet data field.
        Source IP Address
        Source Port
        Destination IP Address
        Destination Port
Collapse ) This is not supposed to happen! I should not be seeing packets with the same sequence number and different (non-zero-length) data. Especially not 6 times out of 6500 packets! The zero-length packets + some non-zero-length packets are fine; those are probably multiple ACKs followed by some data that had to be resent. But this is nuts! This is really weird. More importantly, it makes me very not sure how to write a demultiplexer for this. Grr. Thoughts, anyone?